A Palette Prompt: Picture Essay By Our Young Delegate

At Pluskul, we believe in nurturing and encouraging creative pursuits of our young learners. The following entry was submitted by one of our delegates to communicate a powerful message.

What a messy palette it must have been when God was painting all of us. Look at that Royal Bengal Tiger flexing his vigorous royal charm. The cute little Munia, representing her beautiful artwork on her breast. The ducklings enjoy their swimming session in the contrasting muddy water. And finally, the Lapwing and the Blackbuck, staring at each other while one wanders to do a ‘same pinch’ to the other. These creatures definitely proved God’s top-notch artistic skills!

But wait, what about us humans? I wonder about His state of mind when He was filling our canvas. Why did he decide to give humans a spectrum of colours? Perhaps these pictures contain the answer that we are looking for. 

What’s the one common thing in all these pictures? The Hues! All of them possess a fantabulous amalgamation of Black, White, and Brown. These hues are the real stars in the canvas, and together, they are creating wonders. 

When one colour is suppressed and another hue tries to dominate, that’s when the image  immediately loses its charm. Let’s take this as an opportunity to ponder over this message: The day when the human races start to stay in harmony is the day we make any real impact. 

Humanity’s battle with colours is pointless. I wonder why we painted discrimination with a filthy brush and spoiled the canvas with the superiority of a particular race. White, light, tan, dusky, brown, or black, they are all a part of life’s palette. Life’s palette is filled with beautiful hues, and only if we have no love in our hearts, the world would be colourless.

This short essay was originally featured in the Summer edition of The Plus magazine.

About the Contributor: 

Tushar is a Certified Global Youth Leader (2020) currently pursuing his Bachelor’s degree of Science in Chemistry, Botany & Zoology from Christ University, Bangalore. He is a passionate poet and an aspiring Wildlife photographer.