Mompreneurship: What is It About?

I have a half-open laptop on the right side of my table, a baby in my lap, a notepad, and sticky notes mingled with teething toys. Work calls on Google Meet while attending to the calls of my little daughter. Breaks between work converted to feeding sessions as I shifted from a sincere meeting expression to an animated one to appease her. That’s been me for the past ten months. I know I would cherish these months as the most precious chapter in my life’s book, irreplaceable. No matter how sleep-deprived my eyes are, I know they have never shone brighter. It has been the most exhausting yet exciting and emotional expedition.
When I began the journey of motherhood, I never had doubts about the future of my career. I was convinced that I would have double the strength, energy, and motivation to do what I wanted to do as a mother. 
Typically, in the present scenario or the current jargon, I would be a “mompreneur”. The idea of mompreneurs, though, is not new. Instead, it is as old as the days we have had mothers in society. 
What is Mompreneurship?
Every mom is indeed an entrepreneur in the life of their kid. She nurtures them, raises them with the correct values, and ensures they reach their highest potential. The traits that modern-day mompreneur exhibits are those that our moms have been living their entire life. Juggling multiple things at once is all that our moms have been doing. They have been regulating the various tasks at home, catering to every family member’s requirement while maintaining a social life, managing kids and ensuring everyone is happy.
Finding Meaning in Work
It is often stated that women’s happiness gets sidelined amidst all this. In many instances, we reach a place where we see a situation as the reason for lost opportunities. While that is not an entirely incorrect statement, usually, this gives rise to blame. Blaming a situation for not doing what we wanted may be an easier way out. Everyone goes through that phase. While it is natural to feel this way, it is essential to analyse our priorities and understand them.
When we become a mother only because of social pressure or when we focus on our career for the same reason, rather than connecting either of it to ourselves and innate happiness, it leads to conflict, turmoil, unhappiness, and a lot of confusion. 
To avoid this, it is necessary to be sure of why you started on this journey of motherhood or why you are working. Work not because you want to make people happy or prove a point, but to be on the path en route to your purpose. Attach your work to a goal that gives you contentment. 
I have attached my work to an anchor. It is an anchor to see every kid lead a Dharmic life and ensure that the upcoming generation is rooted in our culture, proud of its identity and belongingness.
Quick Lessons for Mompreneurs

  • Time Management is the key if you know what to do with it and when.
  • Patience is an asset; never lose it. Be patient with your baby when the work is demanding. But more importantly, be equally patient with your work when the baby is in command.
  • It is okay not to be perfect. While you attempt to live a holistic life & provide for everyone, you might miss something or the other. Embrace it and be proud of your journey.

So, if you are a mom reading this, pat yourself on the back. And if you are a kid, go and give your moms a tight warm hug. Even the tree that provides the shade requires watering.
Contributed by Soumya Agarwal, this article originally appeared in the Entrepreneurship edition of The Plus magazine.