30+ Sessions | 4 Projects | 6+ Workshops

Public Policy Program
For Executives

Unbox India & Engage With Country's Top Policymakers

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      30+ Sessions | 4 Projects | 6+ Workshops

      Public Policy Program
      For Executives

      Unbox India & Engage With Country's Top Policymakers

      Public Policy Program for Executives (P3E) is a 12-week project-based immersive executive program in public policy and governance, specially curated for mid-career professionals to strengthen their grasp over design, analysis, implementation, and regulation of policymaking.

      Equipping delegates with the practitioner’s perspective, the program builds competencies for evidence-based policy research.

      Delegates analyze, deconstruct and assimilate policy themes and ideas of national and global significance.

      The program also facilitates proximity to bureaucrats and senior policymakers through mentored projects and expert sessions, and helps build the strong leadership and communication skills that are necessary for success in the world of public policy.

      Live eLearning through webinars
      12 January 2023 (12 weeks)
      6-8 Hours Per Week
      25+ Leading Experts
      Weekend Sessions
      Fees: ₹ 48400/- (Incl. of taxes)
      For any queries, email us on contact.rishied@rishihood.edu.in or call us on +91-8384074775


      Past Speakers

      Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan

      Founder, Lok Satta Party

      Sh. K M Pathi

      Educator, Author and

      Sh. Devinder Sharma

      Distinguished Food and Trade Policy Analyst

      Sh. Sanjay Pulipaka

      Senior Fellow, Nehru Memorial Museum & Library, New Delhi

      Sh. M. Vidyasagar

      Fellow of Royal Society Prof IIT Hyderabad

      Smt. Gitanjali JB

      Co-Founder & CEO,

      Sh. Debanshu Mukherjee

      Founding Member, Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy

      Sh. Manish Sabharwal

      Chairman Teamlease

      Sh. R Jagannathan

      Editorial Director, Swarajya

      Sh. Frank R. Pereira

      Editor-in-Chief, Bharata First, Ex- Rajya Sabha TV, Doordarshan

      Sh. Anil Swarup

      Former Secretary, MHRD and Ministry of Coal, Govt. of India

      Sh. Apurv Kumar Mishra

      Editor-in-Chief at India Law Journal and Senior Research Fellow at India Foundation


      • Given my passion to make a tangible contribution to the healthcare system in India, I felt that it is essential for me to undertake training that would prepare me for the same. The Public Policy Program for Executives (P3E) program gave me deep insights to understand how to develop and implement policies. “A Policy needs to Socially acceptable, Socially desirable, Technologically feasible, Financially viable and Administratively doable” is the key mantra I personally gained from the program. The P3E program has been structured to provide adequate hands-on learning to encourage students to develop creative thinking. The program also has a strong academia-industry linkage due to its well-disposed faculty, which is enthusiastic about the upcoming developments in the discipline. For me personally, the course has allowed space for interactions with leading intellectuals of our country that has not only given shape to my thoughts but has also challenged several long-held notions, consequently pushing my thinking. I sincerely appreciate the course coordinators at Rishihood University for efficiently and diligently conducting this course.

        Dr. Prakamya Gupta
        Consultant, Healthcare Technology Division, National Health Systems Resource Center
      • As a Development and Political journalist based in Guwahati, I was always interested in Public Policy, especially policy research and analysis. For almost 10 years, I was doing policy analysis and a bit of research without actually knowing the hands-on tools and techniques required for it. Fortunately, I came through the fantastic course called Public Policy Program for Executive (P3E) by Rishihood University. It was great learning for three months. We started in May 2022. Knowledge shared by eminent scholars on topics like Systems thinking for Policymakers, National Income Accounting, Application of Growth Diagnostic Framework widen our thinking on policy analysis and research. Similarly, we taught topics like Economics for 21st Century Policymakers, Ethics of Public Policy, Defence and Foriegn Policy, Economic Policy, Education Policy etc. for in depth knowledge on Indian Public Policies. Simultaneously we were taught to analyze public policy through hands-on projects which involves analyzing policy, preparing framework and methodology, preparing the presentation and finally presenting it to the experts in a team, which was real time teamwork amongst the cohort. This type of practical teamwork project further boosted our experience on public policy analysis and research. Of course the LMS was so easy to use which became a part of our life for three months. Not but the least, our course coordinator from Rishihood Mr. Ajay ji was a superb help. He was so much involved with the cohort that for any inquiry or problem he was like the immediate solution. Now, after completing the Public Policy Program for Executive from Rishihood University, it is my farm confidence that I can analyze and research Indian public policies with proper methodology and tools with utmost accuracy.

        Dibya Kamal Bordoloi
        Bureau Chief North East Organiser Weekly and Panchjanya
      • The P3E program by Rishihood university is a life transforming experience. It has given me theoretical foundations and practical exposure to the field of public policy. As an experienced IT professional, I did not get any opportunity to participate in the public policy arena despite it being one of my interests. P3E gave me the platform to learn the nuances of law, public policy, economy and politics as well as the opportunity to connect with some of the brightest minds of the country. I truly cherish the experience of learning both with the professors and peers of P3E.

        sricharan reddy gangireddy
      • Public Policy Program for Executives (P3E) Monsoon 2020 edition was a great experience. Getting to understand the various aspects of public policy and working on them hands-on have added excellent value to my career.

      • The program gave me a ringside view of the world of public policy. The sessions with the expert speakers gave me a strong theoretical understanding of the core concepts and frameworks. This was further strengthened by the sectoral sessions. The Hands-On Project was a great learning experience for me; it’s one thing to study public policy in a classroom and entirely another to work alongside a bureaucrat on a real-world policy challenge and gain the perspective of a practitioner!

        Ajay Chandar
        Senior Analyst, I-PAC
      • The P3E program enabled me to interact with policy experts I’ve followed for years. Great balance of field visits, that help shed preconceived notions; participative classroom and Webinar sessions, that shaped my critical thinking through rigorous discussions and the “Hands-On Project” (HOP) that help us experience governance from a practitioner’s perspective. The delegates and the VIF team are extremely supportive and fun, and I’ve made many friends.

      • I joined the first edition of P3E in January and I have to say that it is truly one of the best part-time public policy program out there! The program has a diverse blend of academically bent lectures, interactive sessions, and panel discussions to understand the policymaking space with various kinds of stakeholders in the industry. It combines theoretical learning with practical application through a variety of activities and especially the Hands-on project, which gave us the exposure while working with a bureaucrat on areas of national policy priorities.

      • P3E is a novel idea in policy education! The quality and mix of speakers, teachers as well as peers in the cohort is top-notch! The highlight being the “hands-on project” where we solve actual challenges and closely observe how government functions. The course is rigorous, so be up for it!


      Program Outcomes


      Engage with a multidisciplinary approach to public policy and emerge with a well-rounded understanding that places you ahead of the curve


      Solve real-world policy issues with mentorship from senior serving and retired civil service officers and other policymakers


      Learn to identify and act on emerging policy opportunities in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.


      Become a thought leader by learning how to craft impactful op-eds and publication-quality project reports


      Understand the Indic worldview and explore policy paradigms to create policies that work in the Indian context


      Gain lifetime access to the Rishihood network and have privileged access to career, publication and project-engagement opportunities


      The P3E contains a mix of weekend online webinars with experts from the various fields with an infusion of practical real-life experiences and knowledge gained through the Hands-on Project. The program curriculum also includes regular reflections, assessments to help the delegates keep track of their learnings throughout the program

      Foundational Learnings

      Module 1: Unboxing Policy

      • Foundations, Stakeholders and Institutions in Public Policy  
      • Policy Paradox
      • Structure of Government
      • Systems Thinking  

      Module 2:  Understanding Development

      • Understanding Urban India: Opportunities and Challenges in Urban Development
      • Understanding Rural India: Opportunities and Challenges in Rural Development
      • A Billion Opportunities: Unleashing the Power of Human Capital in India

      Module 3: Understanding Law and Constitution

      • Introduction to Indian Constitution
      • Idea to a Law

      Module 4: The State, Market and Economy

      • Application of Growth diagnostic framework to India
      • National Income Accounting and Select Frameworks
      • Starting and Sustaining an enterprise- Microeconomic Perspectives
      • Nudging Impact: Behavioral Economics for Policymakers
      • Public Finance

      Module 5: Understanding Bharata

      • An introduction to Civilizational India
      • Arthashastra for the 21st-century Policymaker 

      Module 6: Behavior, Ethics and Change 

      • Ethics in Public Policy

      The Policymaker’s Toolkit: Skills and Capabilities

      • Media Narratives and Tools for Policymakers
      •  Measuring impact: Monitoring and Evaluation for Policymakers
      • Design Thinking for Policymakers
      • Crafting Impactful Op Eds
      • Engaging Stakeholders for Impact
      • Negotiation Strategy for Policymakers

      Policy in a VUCA World

      • Environment and Public Policy
      • Technology in Governance
      • Energy Policy
      • Defense and Foreign Policy
      • Public Health
      • Education Policy

      Experiential Learning

      To learn the intricacies of Governance, delegates would engage with top bureaucrats/practitioners/academicians for 

      • An 11-week research-oriented project with a clear problem statement and probable solutions

      Reflections and Way Forward

      • Master Debrief
      • Panel Discussion on Careers in Public Policy by experts of various fields-Corporate/Civil Society/Government sector/Politics

      Hands-on Projects

      Work under the mentorship of bureaucrats on real-world policy problems and gain the practitioner’s perspective.


      Take part in assessments designed to test your public policy acumen and learn what it takes to design and implement effective policies.

      Admission Process



      Candidates should submit an online application by clicking on ‘Apply Now’ button



      Application review within 4 weeks of submission and communication of application status



      The candidates who have cleared the first round screening will have to appear in the group interview round



      Selected candidates should pay the program fee within 30 days of receiving the confirmation email



      Admissions will be based on a first-come-first-serve basis until the maximum intake.


      Frequently Asked Questions

      What is the application process?

      Hop into the interview round after we select you, post-screening of your form responses. Once you come out of there with flying colors, we’ll be confirming your admission by e-mail. With a highly select intake, we expect the program fee to be paid within 7-days of receiving the confirmation. Count on our Admission Team to guide you through.

      Can people from outside India apply?

      Yes. Thanks to online-mode, you don’t have to be in India to participate in P3E!

      Can a college student apply for this program?

      You are welcome to apply after completing our college graduation. An undergraduate degree in any discipline is our minimum criterion.

      I’m a working professional, will I be eligible for this program?

      Yes, the P3E sessions are specially curated for mid-career professionals just like yourself! Our past delegates have been engaged with corporates, consulting firms, media, government, political, civil society, health care & social purpose/development organizations. P3E is for you if you are looking to develop core knowledge and understanding of the various dynamics at play in the public policy space.

      I’m a social worker and want to pursue this program, will I be eligible?

      Yes, you will find a number of opportunities to engage with top policymakers to aid hands-on understanding of social welfare schemes, its applicability, challenges etc. in the development or social entrepreneurship space. Like always, we aim at bringing together a mixed bag of professionals from diverse, meaningful backgrounds for this edition of P3E.

      Who are we looking for?

      We are looking for:

      – Policy Professionals engaged with Corporates, Consulting Firms, Government Organizations, Political Organizations, Civil Society, Media, and Social Development Organizations, who wish to undergo a rigorous academic program in the domain.

      – Postgraduates and Doctorates who wish to understand the practitioners’ perspective of Public Policy and Governance.

      – Public Leaders and Development Professionals and enthusiasts who wish to equip themselves with the tools of Public Policy and usher in a medium of change.

      – Practicing and aspiring civil servants who wish to undergo a formal grounding in contemporary models across the world, such as ‘New Public Management’.

      – Policy Researchers who wish to augment their academic knowledge with real-world understanding of governance systems

      – Young working professionals who look-up to Public Policy as a viable career option, and higher education possibility.

      – People with the curiosity to understand India better to foster enlightened citizenship.

      What is the program format?

      The program is designed for time-pressured professionals to combine their existing commitments with learning. Hence, weekend-based learning accessible in both online and offline formats that are also appropriate for the ongoing Covid situation have been designed live weekend webinars, held every Sunday morning, build up a large part of the program schedule. In-person deliveries of content are subject to Covid regulations. We hope to give you a clearer picture closer to program time.

      Can I attend the program along with my job?

      Yes, if some rigorous and fun policy learning suits your weekend plans! We are keeping the bulk of the sessions for Saturdays and Sundays.

      What can I expect after this program?

      In-depth understanding of governance processes in India including state systems, stakeholders, challenges, and possible places for intervention and participation. Here’s to index possible outcomes-

      – Get your ideas to reach millions with the help of hands-on live projects with serving bureaucrats.

      – Receive letter of recommendations (LOR) from public policy practitioners and in-house faculty.

      – Skill and profile advancement with a curated program in Public Policy.

      – Explore career opportunities with relevant corporates, governments, consulting firms, political, civil society, and social development organizations.

      – Sustained interactions with experienced policymakers, faculty and the power of an illustrious peer network.

      What type of projects would be taken up during the program?

      The governance projects will cover various domains of public policy like urban and rural development, energy, tourism, waste management, education, health, diaspora affairs etc. In addition to live project visits, we will also be interacting with government executives in-charge, and delve in-depth.

      A list of some of our Hands-On-Projects are available here: https://rishied.rishihood.edu.in/p3e/hands-on-projects/

      How much time do I need to commit weekly?

      For successful completion of P3E, delegates need to devote 6-8 hours/week and of course more if you are the keen WhatsApp consumer, debater, critique and commenter

      What does this program cost?

      The program cost is INR 48,400 (inclusive of taxes) –  a nominal sum for the rather large body of knowledge you will gain during and beyond the course duration! And, to make it easy, we accept the fee in two installments, the first due upon completion of the admissions process and the second during the course (Our admission counselors will guide you).

      Is there any financial aid available for this program?

      Financial aid to selected candidates will be offered on a merit-cum-means basis. Usually, early bird applications maximize chances of availing the aid

      What is the cancellation policy?

      The program fee is refundable after the cancellation of the candidature within a certain time period before the program is scheduled to commence. Write to the Admission Team over email citing your reason for cancellation, and we’ll keep you informed.

      Refund details-

      75% –  If cancelled before 30 days from the commencement of the program

      50% –  If cancelled before 20 days from the commencement of the program

      25% – If cancelled before 15 days from the commencement of the program

      No refund – if cancelled before 10 days from the commencement of the program 

      Note: Institution’s decision will be final in case of any uncertain situation.


      Are there any placement opportunities at the end of the P3E program?

      Instead of placements, we try to provide our delegates with plenty of opportunities for building a successful career in the policy space, as follows:

      Career Guidance

      – A session on ‘Careers in Public Policy’ where we explain the various ways of building your career in the field of public policy.

      – Direct contact with policy experts during meetups and webinars.

      Build a Strong Peer Network

      – Opportunity to interact and work together with a diverse, dynamic and dedicated P3E cohort.

      – Access to P3E Alumni network.

      – Access to pan-India and zonal alumni network offered by Rishihood.

      Certificate and Letter of Recommendation

      – Certificate of Completion.

      – Grade Card, mentioning your performance across various components of the program.

      – Letter of Recommendation (LOR) from in-house Rishihood faculty. This is subjected to your excellent performance in the program coursework as well as on discretion of the undersigning faculty.

      – Project Mentors may also give a letter of recommendation to the project team if the project-work is outstanding.

      The Journey so Far

      Hours of Policy Learning

      Still Not Sure?

      Get in touch with the admissions office today or connect with our learning advisories to explore available programs.
      Email Id: contact.rishied@rishihood.edu.in and Contact Us: +91-8384074775

      Learn more about us, other programs, and how we nurture future public leaders of India.