Rishihood Leadership Curriculum


In a world which is slowly moving to a more complex state everyday, true leaders are needed almost everywhere to bring order in the chaos and reach personal and professional goals seamlessly .

Rishihood Leadership Curriculum (RLC) is a 50-hour program for students from Classes 7 to 12, that aims to prepare students for the VUCA (Volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world, while keeping them connected to the Indian civilizational ethos. The program offers an interdisciplinary curriculum that covers various modules in knowledge-building and meta-skilling activities. Students learn from expert faculty and get exposed to many opportunities to learn and grow. In a world which is slowly moving to a more complex state everyday, true leaders are needed almost everywhere to bring order in the chaos. It also enhances the qualities of an aware leader, such as Jigyasa (curiosity), Chikirsha (courage), and Ananda (joy).

The program is based on three aspects of effective leadership practice:

  • SKILL: The behaviors and knowledge required for leading
  • SELF-EFFICACY: The confidence in leading others
  • MOTIVATION: The potential energy for leading

By undergoing Rishihood Leadership Curriculum, students can enhance their leadership potential and make a positive impact in the world.

Our Modules

  • Leadership begins with managing self. It is, therefore, crucial to cultivate self-awareness across multiple dimensions of one’s being and develop the ability to intelligently navigate mind and emotions.

    Swadhyaya (Understanding Self)
  • Learn about the essence of India and build a connection with your cultural roots. A greater understanding of motherland India provides a perspective to look out into the world, builds appreciation of Indias culture and an increased sense of confidence.

    Understanding India
  • Effective communication is the cornerstone of successful individual. One must be able to communicate their idea, vision, goals, and expectations. Learn about active listening and speaking skills to enhance communication.

  • As students step out into the world, they must have a range of essential skills to be able to navigate challenges in the professional world.

    Professional Skills
  • As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, having a deep understanding of the global challenges facing society is a must. Identifying and addressing these challenges can help create a meaningful impact and contribute to positive change.

    Global Grand Challenges
  • Technology is transforming every aspect of society, from healthcare to education to the workplace. Students must be able to leverage technology to drive innovation and growth while also understanding its potential impact on society.

    Technology and Society
  • As individuals within a society, students must be able to engage with their communities to build relationships, understand needs and perspectives to promote social responsibility and give back to society.

    Seva (Community Engagement)

Why Rishihood Leadership Curriculum?

Governing Self to Govern the World

RLC helps individuals start a journey of mastering oneself before leading others by working on self-awareness and self-improvement. It aims at channelizing emotions, integrity, wisdom, and compassion for balancing personal growth and social responsibility and inculcates constant learning and reflection through its structured approach.

Holistic Learning

It is tailored to develop the whole person, and not just the academic skills. We work on nurturing the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of the learner. Various modules help in integrating different disciplines, perspectives, and results in fostering a balanced, well-rounded, and lifelong learning.

Building Skill as well as Perspective

This program aims at developing both the abilities and the viewpoints that are needed for success. Different units involve learning new things, practicing them, and applying them to different situations. It helps students to become open-minded, curious, and respectful of others and makes them grow as a person and a leader.

Form Roots in Indian Culture to Find Solutions of Tomorrow

RLC helps individuals start a journey of mastering oneself before leading others by working on self-awareness and self-improvement. It aims at channelizing emotions, integrity, wisdom, and compassion for balancing personal growth and social responsibility and inculcates constant learning and reflection through its structured approach.

Engaging Curriculum

RLC is structured in a way to design and deliver learning experiences that are interesting, relevant, and meaningful. It involves choosing topics, methods, and activities that suit the learners’ needs, interests, and goals. Various activities are incorporated in the curriculum to create a supportive, interactive, and collaborative learning environment through which the quality and effectiveness of education is enhanced.

Learning Pedagogy

  • Inquiry-Based – To hone curiosity
  • Art Integrated – To integrate sensory experiences
  • Reflection – To encourage internal thought process and awareness
  • Case-Studies – To work with real-life examples
  • Project-Based – To promote an application-based and hands-on system of learning
  • Field Visit – To get first hand experience and learn from real life scenarios

Key Takeaways:

  • Increased understanding of oneself to become an aware individual
  • Cross-functional approach to perspective and skill building
  • Identify opportunities for growth and innovation
  • Build confidence, communicate with credibility, and project an authentic sense of leadership
  • Learning lessons from the Globe and from India

RLC Highlights :

  • Customized and flexible program as per the organization’s strength and challenges
  • Modular program units for versatile application
  • Future perspective sessions
  • Community visits and projects
  • University certificate on successful course completion

Testimonials from

  • Over two weekends, I had the privilege of conducting workshops with students, where we delved into a range of topics, like goal-setting approaches, design thinking, conflict resolution, community engagement project planning, etc.

    This experience further solidified my faith in the impact created by investing in leadership education at the school level. By fostering these abilities early on, we are nurturing socially responsible and empathetic leaders who will undoubtedly shape a brighter future.

    Here’s to nurturing leadership for a brighter tomorrow!

    Prachi Mishra
    Mentor, Professional Skills
  • One of the standout modules in the leadership program has been the one focused on building leadership qualities. It was not only highly interactive but also incredibly fruitful. When reflecting on the entire curriculum thus far, each module has been both knowledgeable and informative, tailored for young individuals like us who aspire to contribute productively to both our personal growth and the betterment of our country.

    Our leadership program is meticulously designed to help us mature in various aspects of life, from our interactions with others and our lifestyle choices to honing our communication skills, cultivating a sense of humor, and effectively engaging with people. It has played a pivotal role in shaping our character and overall personality.

    Khushi Kangad
    Grade 12th Student, Ram Ratna Vidya Mandir, Mumbai
  • I have mentored a bunch of sharp, keen adolescents in understanding themselves. Rishihood’s curriculum is proactive, meets the need of the current generation, allowing open dialog, reflection and learning in ways that are fun and provide safety to these young minds.

    Mentor, Understanding Self
  • Rishihoods Leadership Curriculum has been a great journey for our students so far. There are many students who are already doing well wrt to leadership skills but with this program, they have unfolded their new capacities which were not known to them earlier. Similarly, students, who lacked confidence, have developed enough confidence. The topics of this program are well curated keeping in mind the need of current generation.

    This leadership program is well developed as per the need of our school. It fits well with our school’s vision “To develop socially conscious Bharatiya citizens of tomorrow who will provide enlightened leadership in all walks of life.” This program will help students in all walks of life and inspire them to become more productive and active citizens of the country.

    Apoorva Joshi
    Faculty, Ram Ratna Vidya Mandir, Mumbai
  • The leadership program has been a remarkable journey, broadening our horizons beyond communication and body language. It delves into the intricacies of our country’s economy, instilling in us vital leadership qualities, confidence, and refined communication etiquettes. This program has been a catalyst for our holistic personal growth.

    Since joining, I’ve not only become more open-minded but also embraced the practice of journaling, which has added another layer of self-awareness to my journey. I credit these transformative changes to our professionally adept and approachable mentors. Their commitment to ensuring that everyone has a voice and valuing every perspective is truly commendable.

    Palak Singhania
    Grade 9th, Student, Ram Ratna Vidya Mandir, Mumbai

From our recent RLC at
Ram Ratna Vidya Mandir, Mumbai

If you are a teacher, mentor or a principal interested in bringing Rishihood Leadership Curriculum to your school, contact us on mohit.c@rishihood.edu.in or aparna.p@rishihood.edu.in